Guiding Principles

iParametrics' Guiding Principles revolve around our customers, our employees, the quality of our services, and the integrity with which we run our business. We are both a customer-driven and an employee-driven organization. We understand that in order to take care of our customers, we have to begin with our employees. The superior product we deliver is made possible by the expertise and professionalism of our staff. With regard to our customers, we strive to be their partner, not just another subcontractor. We understand that we stay profitable by helping our customers stay successful and ahead of the competition.

The following Guiding Principles are what we live by at iParametrics:

  • Customer loyalty is the key to our future.
  • As customer loyalty depends on trust, when we make a promise, we deliver.
  • We strive to be fully responsive to our customers' needs.
  • We strive for accuracy in the products we deliver to our customers.
  • We strive to have one-on-one relationships with our customers.
  • We work hard to bring dynamic solutions to our customers through creativity, competence and innovation.
  • We listen to and hear both our customers and our employees.
  • We recognize that our most valuable assets walk in our doors every day… our employees.
  • We look forward to utilizing these guiding principles for many years to come.


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