Infrastructure Resilience and Security Solutions


Natural disasters, environmental accidents, technology mishaps, and man-made crises such as terrorism have historically demonstrated that disruptive incidents can happen, impacting the public and private sectors alike. These challenges typically go beyond most emergency response plans or disaster management activities previously deployed. Today’s threats require the creation of an on-going, dynamic, and interactive process that serves to assure the continuation of an organization’s core activities before, during, and – most importantly – after a major crisis event.

iParametrics Resiliency and Security program is built on the expertise of management and staff that have extensive direct experience with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), state and local emergency management agencies, as well as numerous public and private physical security programs.  Our Infrastructure Resilience and Security program takes an “all hazards” approach and is designed to help organizations reduce vulnerability, reduce downtime as well as lower response and recovery costs associated with a crisis event.  Through the process of proactive planning and preparation for potential incidents and disruptions, we help our clients diminish the likelihood of a crisis event as well as mitigate both the impact and length of a disruption.


Our team has the knowledge and expertise that can only be gained from having worked with some of the Nation’s most critical infrastructure (Energy, Ports and Transportation, Government Facilities, DOD, Healthcare, Critical Manufacturing, etc.).  We empower your organization by applying our experience and knowledge of mitigation, planning and response, continuity of operations and organizational resilience best practices, and physical security and emergency management issues including:

  • Program and Project Management 
  • Planning and Prevention Services (identify, mitigate and prepare for threats and hazards)
  • Threat and Hazard Identification
  • Probability and Impact Assessment
  • Risk Management and Mitigation Services 
  • Plan Development and Deployment
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Training 

Benefits of a Structured Organizational Resilience Program


A disruptive incident not properly managed can rapidly escalate into an emergency, crisis, or even a disaster. Preparing for an incident before it occurs can minimize its impact. An unmanaged disruptive incident can damage an organization’s image, reputation, or brand in addition to resulting in significant physical or environmental damage, injury, or loss of life. This program provides a framework to aid organizations in successfully managing a disruptive incident by developing a strategy and action plan to safeguard its interests and those of its stakeholders.

Proactive planning and preparation for potential incidents and disruptions will diminish both the impact and length of the disruption. This approach will help an organization avoid and minimize the suspension of critical services and operations, thereby allowing return to normal services and operations as rapidly as possible.

Business Benefits of Organizational Resilience include:

  • Systematic Framework of Planning, Prevention and Response
  • Proactive Risk Management and Threat Avoidance
  • Reduced Vulnerability and Downtime
  • Reduced Costs and Losses
  • Enhanced Reputation
  • Competitive Advantages 
  • Improved Compliance for assets considered Critical Infrastructure under PPD-21
  • Greater Reliability and Continuity
  • Continual Improvement

ISO 9001:2008

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iParametrics fosters a culture of continuous improvement through its ISO 9001:2008 program and the regular analysis and reporting of performance measurement data to improve processes, procedures  and client services.  As an ISO 9001:2008 company, quality and client satisfaction are key metrics in how we run our business and how we will focus on yours.  

As a matter of fact, our company has historically scored 92 or higher (where 100 represents the highest level of customer satisfaction) in our annual Independent Past Performance Evaluation by Dun & Bradstreet (Open Rating Report).


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